The Warmth

Seat Heaters

  • High-Low switch

    On a cold winter morning, simply switch on your seat heater and feel the warmth radiate through the seat. The gradual warming effect of the heaters should be felt within 1 to 3-minutes. The heat will continue to increase for 10 to 15 minutes depending on the temperature setting chosen.

  • Dual settings

    Illuminated 3 position switch with operating temperatures range from 115 Deg F to 135 Deg F over the entire heating element.

  • Factory look

    Having done many Leather conversion kits in the past your vehicles seats are in experienced hands when you chose our High/Low seat heaters.

  • Factory Warranty

    Seat Heaters match your OEM warranty in most cases, please call for details.

factory fit

Custom cut by computer to fit your vehicle perfectly.

Factory Finish

Preserves factory finish and protects against road debris, bugs and abrasions, and environmental elements.

Factory Warranty

OEM(Original Equipment Manufacture) approved.